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The Lawyers Newsletter for Business Professionals - keeping you abreast of new developments in Trinidad and Tobago. Download the latest issue in PDF format today or register to receive the publication regularly by email.

Current Issue: Download 

  • Trademark Licensing - Getting a Return On Investment
  • 'Unequally Equal' - Circumventing the Pari Passu Rule - Part II
March 2017: Download 
  • 'Unequally Equal' - Circumventing the Pari Passu Rule
  • Navigating Uncharted Territory in Guava Season: Secured Creditors’ Rights on Insolvency
  • Fair Competition Coming: The Fair Trading Act

October 2016: Download

  • Insolvency:  Obligations and Liabilities of Directors - Part II
  • A Client's Guide to Civil Litigation Revisited:  The Stages of Civil Litigtion - Part II 

July 2016: Download

  • Insolvency: Obligations and Liabilities of Directors 
  • A Client's Guide to Civil Litigation Revisited: The Stages of Civil Litigation

March 2016: Download 

  • Buyer Beware: A Brief Guide to Obtaining a Foreign Investor's Licence 
  • The Private Labelling Trend 
  • Mediating the Civil Dispute in Trinidad & Tobago: "Theoretically Sound, Practically Useless?"

November 2015: Download 

  • Too Much Information?  The Risks of Using Social Media to Screen Recruits 
  • Brand Protection: Guarding Against Online Infringement
  • Virtual Piracy: How to Protect Your Domain Name

August 2015: Download 

  • When is a Shareholder a Shareholder, Or Not?  The Importance of Side Notes in Statutory Interpretation
  • "Not Broken, Just Bent" - Facilitating Financial Rehabilitation via the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

May 2015: Download 

  • "Not Broken, Just Bent" - Facilitating Financial Rehabilitation via the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
  • Proving Passing Off

November 2014: Download 

  • Tackling Trademark Infringement
  • The Securities (Amendment) Act, 2014: A Step Forward
  • Of Critical Importance: The Role of the Corporate Secretary in Corporate Governance
  • Employment Law Update: The Proposed Minimum Wages Order 2014

April 2014 Issue: Download

  • Stay Ahead of the Game: How to Manage the impact of the World Cup on your Workplace
  • Passing the Baton: Nicole Ferreira-Aaron appointed Managing Partner of Hamel-Smith 
  • The Long(er) Arm of the Law - Stretching the Four Corners of a Written Act
  • Not Your Employee? You May Still Be Liable for his Injury
  • Penalty Clauses - When Are They Justified?

January 2014 Issue: Download 

  • Is Your Company Up to Code? A Review ofthe New Corporate Governance Code
  • A Face That (Could) Launch A Thousand Suits 
  • The U.K. Bribery Act: Across the Pond to Our Shores
  • 'Use It or Face Losing It'! Protecting Trademarks Through Use

October 2013 Issue: Download 

  • Access to the Foreign Market - The Securities Act, 2012!
  • Trinidad & Tobago 2014 Budget Measures
  • Legal Advice Privilege - Reserved to Advice Given by Lawyers!
  • Winning the Shell Game: How the Oppression Remedy Can Be Used to Recover Unpaid Judgments!

March 2013: Download 

  • Issues and Investors Beware: The Securities Act 2012 is Here!
  • Related Party Transactions and Transfer Pricing: A Brief Introduction - Part II
  • Shades of Grey... Navigating the parallel import market!

December 2012: Download

  • Related Party Transactions and Transfer Pricing: A Brief Introduction
  • Get Those Goods Moving out of T&T: The Ins and Outs of Regional Trade

November 2012:  Download

  • Distribution Agreements: Written Agreements Talk and Oral Assertions Walk
  • Our Right to Privacy: A Review of the Data Protection Act

June 2012:  Download

  • Emerging Discrimination Claims Under the Equal Opportunity Act: What Employers Need to Know
  • Taking a New Stab at Piercing 'the Corporate Veil'.
  • Electronic Transactions: Sign Here?
  • The Value of Trademark Registration

March 2012:  Download

  • Registering Your Slogan as a Trademark
  • Cash is King - Are You Judgment Rich and Money Poor?
  • Electronic Transactions: Forming the Electronic Contract
  • Proposed Legislative Reforms to the Public Procurement Regime: A Review

October 2011 | Download
  • Negligent Valuations... You Stand To Lose
  • Forging Ahead with Electronic Transactions
  • The Information Freeway: Is Your Company Exposed?

May 2011 | Download

  • Still Paying for Crime Not to Pay 
  • Workplace Injuries - Employers' Duty and Liability

 November 2010 | Download

  • Endeavour Obligations: When doing your best is not the best you can do
  • Court Annexexed Mediation Comes to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Paying Again for Crime Not to Pay

June 2010 | Download 

  • Are You Lurking in the Shadows?
  • Senatorial Appointment - Timothy Hamel-Smith
  • Insider Trading
  • Paying for Crime Not to Pay

April 2010 | Download

  • A Client's Guide to Litigation
  • Mediation:  A Better Way to Solve Disputes?

November 2009 | Download

  • Celebrating our Centenary
  • Enduring for 100 Years and Beyond
  • A Client's Guide to Litigation 
  • Expert Determination: A Quick and Inexpensive Solution 

January 2009 | Download

  • To sell or not to sell: A receiver's dilemma?
  • Due diligence - Before you seal the deal?
  • Cross-border transactions managing the risks

June 2008 | Download

  • Using Exclusion Clauses to Limit you Business Ricks: How effective are they?
  • Do Patients Have a Right to their Medical Records?

February 2008 | Download

  • Be Careful What You Say: Representations and Non-Reliance Clauses
  • Twice The Commission for One Sale? The Risk of Double Estate Agent Commission

August 2007 | Download

  • The Trinidad & Tobago Investment Policy 2007-2012: Investors Paradise?
  • Foreign Mutual Funds
  • A Guide to the Water Pollution Rules

April 2007 | Download

  • New Proposed Trade Mark Legislation in Trinidad & Tobago
  • Raising Capital Through Trade Marks
  • Consumer Protection and the Law
  • Mala Fides and the Constitution: A Moot Point?

Dec 2006 | Download

  • Consumer Protection and the Law
  • Risks And Duties Of Arrangers
  • The Environmental Management Authority and Natural Justice

Sept 2006 | Download

  • Understanding Trinidad and Tobago’s New Maritime Boundaries
  • Residential Developments: Questions Frequently Asked by Purchasers

May 2006 | Download

  • Cross Border Financing: The Challenges of Withhodling Tax
  • Appellate Mooting Competition
  • Pre-Action Protocols - Crisis or Opportunity?

January 2006 | Download

  • Transition Planning for the Not-So-Golden Years
  • Reducing the Risks of E-mail

September 2005 | Download

  • Banks left Floating
  • The importance of making and updating my will

May 2005 | Download

  • Corporate Governance in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Appellate Mooting Lessons

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